A leading UK Supplier of Truck Diagnostics and Trailer Diagnostics tools.

State of the art Truck Diagnostics and Trailer Diagnostics equipment which enables easy interaction with the sophisticated systems that exist in every truck and van today.

So whatever make and model you have, we have the truck diagnostic tool to diagnose the problem.

Truck Diagnostics Kit

Truck and Trailer Diagnostics Kits

Code Talk Trailer Diagnostics

Code Talk is the next generation of trailer diagnostics from aide automotive ltd.

Code Talk is an ideal cost effective trailer diagnostic tool to quickly read and clear codes on EBS/ABS braking system.

Code Talk Trailer DiagnosticsThe hand set will communicate with a trailer’s ECU, reading and clearing ABS/EBS fault codes on Wabco, Knorr Bremse and Haldex systems. With this trailer workshops can eliminate fault finding by reading the ECU codes to determine where a fault lies. Being able to clear historic codes is ideal within a service and inspection. Knowing a system is clear and then reviewing to see that faults the ECU has recorded is beneficial.

With NO annual software fee with Code Talk, this trailer diagnostics tool is by far the best on the UK market. Upgradable for future proofing, the Code Talk will out last and beat any Texa or JalTest system.

Code Talk Trailer Diagnostics is an aftermarket engineers diagnostic tool, designed by UK trailer maintenance engineers for engineers.

Simple to use and operate, Code Talk makes trailer diagnostic maintenance an affordable option to any repairer.

Remember Code Talk is all that is needed. No requirement for code manuals, phoning dealers, phoning high rate telephone lines, all the information is within Code Talk – Code Talk is the Diagnostic Manual for Trailers!

Code Talk is supplied with all cables to communicate with trailer ECU’s and with an optional carry case. Code Talk is also a remote controller for the TrailerCheck product range. TrailerCheck is the full electrical testing tool for 24 volt trailers.

Code Talk Remote for TrailerCheck also offers voltage, wire colour and pin information via the display. Trailer repairing Easy!

Code Talk Remote & Trailer Diagnostics is supplied as a stand alone purchase or as an option to add to TrailerCheck or TrailerCheck 4 Vans, with a TrailerCheck the Code Talk is a compressive professional tool to inspect and repair commercial trailers.

ISOCheck Lite – Truck ISO 7638 ABS Tester

ISOCheck Lite ABS Tester To Test a Truck’s Brake ISO 7638 socket.

Following the excellent success of the ISOCheck aide automotive have introduced the ISOCheck Lite.

The ISOCheck Lite is a test box to test the Trucks ISO socket for pin power and ground faults.

Simple to use and with an excellent clear use guide this test box will quickly identify which pin has a fault.

This ABS Tester box makes testing an ISO socket simple and quick!

Simply plug the Susie lead into the ABS Tester ISOCheck Lite, turn the truck ignition on, review the light sequence on the ISOCheck and then refer to the user guide to identify which pin is at fault.

ISOCheck Lite – Truck ISO 7638 ABS TesterTesting the ISO 7638 socket on a truck inspection will prevent down time while in service, many times a truck can connect to a trailer only for the ABS warning light in the cab to illuminate, this could be down to the trailer but also if the tractor is not supplying the correct voltages and grounds then its the tractor units fault. Knowing the a positive test on inspection was carried out could save time swapping tractor units around in loading bays.

Also any truck stopped by VOSA with a ABS warning light ON, could be subject to a PG9 penalty, not good on any fleets records.

The ISOCheck Lite is an excellent test tool for checking the truck ISO sockets on Periodic Maintenance Inspections (PMI’s).

Commercial Trailer Air Brake And Light Tester

The TrailerCheck 4 Vans Commercial Trailer Air Brake And Light Tester is part of the TrailerCheck product range.

Commercialtrailer Air Brake and Light TesterDesigned as mounted trailer tester in a Van or workshop the TrailerCheck 4 Vans is a One Man Trailer Service tool with the option of ECU Trailer Diagnostics.

The Trailer Air Brake And Light Tester is an intelligent unit and has the capability to power multiple trailers without the inconvenience of continually recharging external batteries.

In trailer light diagnostic mode a single circuit can be powered for fault finding, TrailerCheck is also protected against short circuits, if so the micro processor will keep resetting with a back up fuse as protection.

As TrailerCheck is a Trailer Air Brake And Light Tester, the unit has two air test gauges incorporated within, with a hand held remote brake activator and digital pressure gauge, ONE trailer service engineer can be under a trailer activating brakes and reading pressures.

Switching brakes on and off allows the user to look for wear in s cams and faulty slack adjusters. The digital pressure gauge measures pressure at the brake chamber, ideal for setting load sensing valves.

EBS Trailers can be tested for CAN line integrity, a quick and simple test to confirm the CAN lines are OK or at fault.

EBS ABS Sensor Tester

The EBS ABS Sensor Tester is one of aide automotive’s best selling products.

Any workshop requires fast, accurate and effective tools to diagnose faults easily and quickly. A high percentage of brake EBS/ABS faults are around the sensor or the sensor itself.

ABD Sensor Tester and DiagnosticsThe EBS ABS Sensor Tester is a truck Sensor tester for GAP & Exciter Ring Testing, the Sensor Tester is an easy to use device which will confirm each EBS ABS sensor is operational and effective. By connecting to the sensor socket on each wheel, individual sensor faults can easily be identified. The EBS ABS Sensor Tester also tests the exciter ring and the distance between the ring and sensor.

The EBS ABS Sensor Tester is the ideal tool for any user, from an apprentice to a time served fitter, or a busy workshop. Quickly identifying and clearing the fault can save time and money, rather than calling in a dealer or diagnostic expert.

With the spread of electronic systems on commercial vehicles, and the high degree of sophistication of the modern truck, the aftermarket has been prompted to develop truck diagnostics and trailer diagnostics tools capable of reliable inspection and troubleshooting.

The ECUs that manage the engine, transmission, braking systems, safety and security systems, are computers to all effects, and as such, are connected to external peripherals, sensors and actuators. Safe and reliable ECU operation is ensured by effective communication to and from these peripherals.

Vehicle systems and dash information systems are designed to warn the driver of possible problems with any of the ECU monitored systems.

aide automotive offer state of the art diagnostic equipment which enables the easy interaction with these sophisticated systems that exist in every vehicle today. So whatever make and model of truck or van you have, we have the diagnostic tool to diagnose the problem.

Examples of when diagnostic equipment is required on vehicles:

* ABS/EBS systems
* Diesel/engine management

* Air
* Fuel
* Cooling
* Engine

* Electronic clutch calibration
* Immobiliser
* Engine adjustments
* Body/cab systems
* Dash and instruments
* Air conditioning & climate control
* Auto gearbox
* Safety restraint systems (SRS) and airbags
* Error deletion stored in ECU and service interval reset

With this aide automotive offer a PC based truck diagnostics kit, with diagnostic software for installation on a personnel or supplied PC, all truck and trailer cables are supplied in a protective case. aide automotive also offer a cost reduction by offering individual cables rather than the full kit, e.g. if your fleet only has DAF trucks then the DAF cable can be supplied singly, this could save the user around 800 pounds from the full cable kit!

Like any diagnostic tool software updates are critical in communicating with latest trucks and trailer systems, the aide automotive Truck Diagnostics Kit is supplied with 12 months updates and thereafter a 12 monthly subscription.

aide automotive's Truck Diagnostics Kit is ideal for in house workshops and commercial repairers to apply a diagnostic test and service to most trucks and trailers, cost effective against well known Texa systems, finance can be offered on purchasing the equipment to show a simple equation on a money return business service.

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